golden haze 100 cm sq
Leaves of Green and Gold 100 x 100 cm
Ancient Pastures
The Watery Path 100 cm sq
Flooded light edited
framed still water
new one
 Clear Waters 100 x 122 cm
Glassy Waters 104 x 126 cm
The looking glass
Quiet Light  104 x 104 cm
Blue Dusk 80 x 100 cm
golden riverside
Canopy of Light 100 x 100 cm
Gilded Autumn 2
Unending Flow 100 cm sq
Receding Light  122 cm sq
50 cm sq Moon Rising
Beechen Green and Shadows
Harvest Gold 122 cm sq
Autumn Song
The Heath 2
Ancient Pastures of Meath
Blue Horizon 100 cm sq
Light Rising   48 in sq
Antique Gold
90 x 122 cm Pale Morning Light
Mayo Light 100 cm sq
Ancient Lands Final
Emerging Sun 100 cm sq
Collection 223
50 cm sq Blue Light
Morning Haze
Viridian Haze (amended) 50 cm sq
Quiet Morning Light
Pink Mountains 122 cm sq
Fading Day 122 cm sq
Three Trees 122 cm sq
After the Rain 122 cm x 122 cm
Setting Sun 122 cm sq
Sea Edge 50 cm sq
Pale Fringed Dawn
Viridian Silence 122 cm sq
Silver Waters 17
Beyond the Harbour 70 cm sq
Shaded Mountains
Early Light 122 x 122 cm
The Islands 90 x 120 cm
Art Project  Evening Cloud 48 in sq
evening water
still water
Journey's End

      © All images copyright of Louise Fairchild 2018